A Call Girl’s Tips On How To Raise Your Salary

Just to address the elephant in the room, I have never hired a prostitute. Promise! So how do I know how a prostitute figures out her rate? Well I read it in a book.

That book is called Super Freakonomics. It is one of my favorite books. Let me tell you why I think it’s a great book. So how does one become a high-end escort? What’s the difference between a prostitute turning tricks in a street corner and one whose clients are politicians, CEO’s, and star athletes?

Turns out, it’s the same way any other service provider differentiates themselves. Price and Value.

You’ll have to read the book to get the whole story but I’ll summarize it here for your convenience.

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This prostitute, named Allie, started off like many ventures do, by falling into it by mistake.

Allie had grown up in a stable family, went to college, graduated, and had a stable, white collar job at a Fortune 50 Company as a computer technician. At some point she wanted to date so she did like many people do and set up a dating profile in one of the many dating sites available.

While setting up her dating profile she clicked on “Nothing Serious”, “Meeting New Friends”, and as a joke, “Escort”. Soon after she got a message from a guy that seemed cute, they went on a date, one thing led to another, as he was leaving the hotel room, he left money on the dresser.

She was now a professional prostitute.

Allie started by charging $200 per encounter and typically got between 3 and 4 customers a day. Customers ranged from construction workers on their payday to accounting managers. Basically anyone who could afford the $200. She was easily clearing $800 tax free in a day.

However, she wondered what would happen if she raised her rates. What would happen if she started charging $300?

As was expected, she lost some business since not everyone could afford $300 for an hour of sex. So instead of the usual 4 clients a day and earning a total of $800, she was seeing 3 clients a day and pocketing $900.


So she decided to do it again, this time raising her rates from $300 to $450. Again, she lost some clients, but the clients that stayed tended to be in better shape, more educated, and more likely to pay up front. Not only that, instead of just paying for an hour of actual services, these new higher end clients would book multiple hours and take her on an actual date at a fancy restaurant, flowers, the whole nine yards.

Again she wondered what would happen if she raised her rates to $500 an hour. Wouldn’t you know it, she had less clients but those clients tended to be C level executives who wouldn’t hire her for just an hour of KANE SEX ATHENS. They would hire her for whole weeks.